JBC Networking Series:
24th February 2010 - Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur
The JBC Networking Series introduces an exclusive one-day seminar cum networking event, giving participants of all levels an in depth and comprehensive guide to ‘SHIP ARREST’. This intensive seminar covers the rights, remedies and recovery of SHIP ARREST. This unique event also examines the important areas such as the Right of Arrest, Arrest in Malaysia and other legal procedural topics such as Maritime Claims, Mareva Injunctions and Arrest as Security of Arbitration. Participants will also gain a comprehensive legal guide to LIENS, which are of significance to the maritime industry. (download pdf brochure here)
Expert Speakers:
  Dato' Jude P. Benny
Managing Partner,
Joseph Tan Jude Benny,
  Danny Chua
Senior Partner,
Joseph Tan Jude Benny,
  Dr Irwin U.J Ooi
Associate Professor,
Universiti Teknologi MARA
  Mendeep Singh
Managing Partner,
Mendeep & Associates,
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